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Who We Serve


We assist Physicians in all phases of their careers from residency through retirement, and offer specialized services that cater to the unique needs of the medical community throughout North Texas. 


Medical Students

The #1 Question After Match Day... 



Relocation can be an intimidating process, but there is one thing med students can do to ensure a smooth and successful transition...  Ryan Kahn, career coach and author of MTV’s Hired! advises, “The faster you can build a support network, the more at home you will feel and the happier you will be with your decision to move.”


Connect with Providence Group Realty for your instant support network, and receive immediate access to a wide range of services you can leverage to develop your perfect relocation strategy. Our FREE Physician Relocation Package is like a Big Dallas Hug, especially for you!

Residents and Fellows


Time is money, as they say.  Command the professional leverage you need to maximize your most precious resource.... time.


Our DRS Agents are skilled at supporting Buyers, and uniquely poised to offer services that cater to the needs and time constraints of launching Physicians. Our TEAM approach ensures availability when you need it, where you need it -- anywhere in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex or surrounding areas.


We help our Clients quickly learn about the neighborhoods, schools, social activities, community support and local governments in key areas of interest, giving them the advantage of finding a home in an area that meets their individual needs and desires.


Whether filling the gap for transitional, part-time, or your full time dwelling, we are dedicated to serving people -- not price points. 



Practicing Physicians

At Providence Group Realty, we don't take anything for granted. Just like your practice, our company grows one Client at a time, and we strive to provide a variety of high quality real estate services that will bridge a lifetime of needs in both Residential and Commercial real estate segments.


In addition, our TEAM is equipped with a large network of key vendor & lender relationships to help solve for upsizing, downsizing, secondary & vacation homes, and commercial solutions for all stages of your medical practices.



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