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Physician Loans: Everything You Need to Know



I have student loan debt from medical school. Does that need to be paid off before I can qualify for a mortgage?


As a Resident or practicing Physician you have accomplished many years of study and education. With this time and commitment to your education also comes the inevitable -- student loan debt. When school is over and life begins as a resident or practicing physician, can you buy a home? The answer is YES!

Physicians have several options for purchasing a home using a Physician Loan -- a specialized mortgage product where student loan debt is not counted against the borrower. There are many other perks to Physician Loans and they are not a new product in the mortgage market. However, many doctors are not educated on the products or advised of their availability.

We recently discovered a great article to help inform physicians regarding the fine print of Physician Loans. The article is extremely informative and a wonderful resource, 14-things-to-know-about-physician-loans.

If you are a Resident or Physician in the Dallas / Fort Worth area and would like more information about purchasing a home using a Physician Loan, please contact me. As a Physician’s Realtor and Certified DRS Agent, we specialize in the unique needs of physicians in all stages of their careers and can refer you to preferred lenders who offer true Physician Loans. Selecting the right Realtor® and right loan program can make the difference is successfully getting to the closing table.

Bailey Funke, Realtor®, Certified DRS Agent™ Providence Group Realty

Cell: 316.519.3799

Address: 3308 Preston Rd. #350-124, Plano, TX 75093

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