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Physician Relocation to DFW….Where to Begin?

As Dallas and the surrounding Metroplex continues to grow, so does our need for medical professionals. The number of physicians relocating to Dallas/Fort Worth as well, as the growing number of residency programs, are at an all-time high. The opportunity to start a new chapter in one’s career can be extremely exciting, but the thought of moving is often overwhelming and stressful. We encourage those who are new to the area to take a step by step approach to finding a home which meets their needs.

It is wise to partner with a local real estate expert who understands the time constraints and busy schedule of the physician. You will want a Realtor who can accommodate your needs and is knowledgeable about the market and its quickly changing inventory. Many physicians will ask us if they have to use the agent assigned to them through the hospital’s relocation program and the answer is NO! In the state of Texas, each buyer or seller is free to choose their own agent. However, many hospitals who use relocation companies will try to influence physicians to use the agents and brokerage they partner with. This is not a requirement to receive the perks and benefits the company is offering. Buyers are free to work with whomever they feel is the best fit for their needs.

When beginning your home search and considering your big move, we suggest making a trip to Dallas to get a feel for the area. The Metroplex is a large, sprawling connection of cities with many niches and amenities to consider. Often, physicians and their families will want to factor in travel time and commuting distance to hospitals, to ensure ability to meet call and residency requirements.

A great website to review, NICHE, provides a 2016 report on the best Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs to live in.

School districts and educational programs (both public and private) are another strong consideration for physicians and their families. Even households with no presence of children should consider school district as an influencing factor for future resale value. We recommend visiting the TEA website to research school districts and examine overall ratings and test scores (The Texas Accountability Rating System). Once you have determined the ideal location of a new home, you are ready to begin shopping. This is where your expert Real Estate agent comes into play.

A huge positive to relocating to DFW is the area has something for everyone. Whether you prefer the urban lifestyle of up/downtown or find yourself drawn to the master planned communities of the suburbs, we will find the perfect home to suit your needs.

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